Oh to be Korean: Fohenz Aqua 2.1 PC speakers look dishy

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Oh noes! I’m really disappointed these 2.1 speakers are only available in Korea…perhaps if I mention the company and product name (Fohenz, Aqua) enough times a little ping! will go off on the desktop of some bigwig at Fohenz, they’ll see the urgent demand originating from the UK, and Argos will start stocking them faster than you can say ‘whoops-did-I-mention-the-company-and-product-name-already?’

Designed for the PC, the woofer is 3.5-inches, drive unit 2-inches and it’s got all the standard bells and whistles like mic and headset inputs. US$27 in Korea – I’m sold on your Aqua, Fohenz. Ok, I’ll stop now!

Katherine Hannaford
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