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bowers_wilkins_signature_diamond_speakers.jpgBritish speaker specialist Bowers & Wilkins has launched a limited edition hi-fi speaker. The Signature Diamond has at its heart diamonds and marble, and is a co-operative effort between B&W’s Senior Development Engineer Dr John Dibb, and the company’’s long-term industrial design collaborator Kenneth Grange CBE.

B&W proudly proclaim that John’s audio expertise and Kenneth’s design brilliance has produced the finest two-way floor-standing speaker they have produced in their 40-year history, offering new levels of musical clarity, image precision, and detail retrieval.

The press release reads as if these speakers should be exhibited in a museum.

Each speaker is enclosed in a 1-meter high Matrix braced cylindrical and elliptical form enclosure finished in white or Wakame veneer. The tweeter pod is carved from Italian Grigio Carmica or Belgian Black marble, which is supposed to not only look good, but suits the mechanical and acoustic demands of the tweeter. Apparently, no two speakers will ever be exactly the same, due to natural differences in the material. I’m not sure if this is a good thing?

The Signature Diamond has a pure Diamond Dome Nautilus™ tube-loaded 25mm tweeter in the decoupled top-mounted marble pod; a new Kevlar™ cone 180mm bass/midrange driver featuring an innovative new noiseless phase-plug; an ear-tuned first-order crossover network made possible by the extraordinary wide linear bandwidth of the drivers; and a Flowport™ equipped downward-firing reflex port. The Diamond Dome Nautilus™ tweeter uses diamond crystals to strengthen the tweeter dome to produce a cleaner, purer sound.

The limited edition, individually numbered, speakers will be available from Bowers & Wilkins stockists worldwide from July, priced at £11,000. Now see what your iPod sounds like through one.

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