Bowers & Wilkins reveal premium C5 in-ear headphones

High end audio specialists Bowers & Wilkins today reveal their first pair of in-ear earphones, the C5 noise isolating buds. And as you'd expect from the premium brand, they come with a premium price tag too. Designed specifically for Apple…

The Zeppelin is back! B&W delivers the Zeppelin Mini

The key differences between the new model and its larger forbear are an updated docking arm, the addition of USB connectivity which apparently allows the Zeppelin Mini to bypass the analogue output stage of any iPod, and access its purer digital output. It also adds the ability to stream music direct from your PC or Mac.

B&W collaborates with ex-Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel for Music Club community


A hardware company launching a music store? Who do they think they are – Apple?

Not Bowers & Wilkins (or B&W as you probably know them), as the high-ish-end audio company has announced their collaboration with Peter Gabriel for the launch of their B&W Music Club, a community offering music fans a DRM-free, lossless album once a month, in exchange for £23.95 for six months of your support, or £33.95 for a year’s membership. That works out to less than three quid an album!…

Bowers & Wilkins unveils Jaguar XF Premium In-Car Sound System


Following on from their Jaguar XXR audio system, Bowers & Wilkins has unveiled the 14-speaker audio system fitted in the luxurious Jaguar XF.

Engineers from Jaguar and B&W worked in collaboration right from the car’s conception, performing extensive analysis and prototype testing to determine the ideal layout and locations for the speakers. Goal: to develop the best ever audio experience in a car.

B&W technologies included its patented woven-Kevlar diver material, the uniquely textured square-weave cones made from bulletproof material which eliminates standing waves in its midrange and bass drivers, and their metal-dome tweeter transducer.

Review: B&W Mini Theatre MT-30

The propaganda Bowers & Wilkins are one of the few speaker manufacturers who have consistently managed to combine stylish design with top acoustic quality, and somehow without compromising on either. But staunch B&W enthusiasts must have had some doubts…