B&W collaborates with ex-Genesis frontman Peter Gabriel for Music Club community

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A hardware company launching a music store? Who do they think they are – Apple?

Not Bowers & Wilkins (or B&W as you probably know them), as the high-ish-end audio company has announced their collaboration with Peter Gabriel for the launch of their B&W Music Club, a community offering music fans a DRM-free, lossless album once a month, in exchange for £23.95 for six months of your support, or £33.95 for a year’s membership. That works out to less than three quid an album!

The albums are recorded at Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, which gives the artists free studio time in exchange for allowing their efforts to be sold in the Music Club for just two months, with full rights returned to the then-famous bands afterwards.

What a great opportunity for unsigned bands – let’s just hope Gabriel doesn’t influence the naive musicians into picking up where Genesis left off.

B&W Music Club

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Katherine Hannaford
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