Integrated YouTube coming to PS3 games

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YouTube’s developers have revealed that the YouTube API has now been integrated with the Sony’s PlayStation 3.This means that future PS3 titles will be able to use an integrated system to upload game videos direct to the video hosting website for all to see.

Only one game so far has been confirmed to be getting the treatment: Japanese artificial life (think Animal Crossing) title Mainichi Issho will be the first to support the new system.

Although available to developers of all future titles, those with existing games who really, really want some of that YouTube lovin’ will be able to join in by the means of a simple (for us maybe) software patch.

Sounds like a superb idea. After all, Halo 3 certainly proved that gamers like nothing better than filming their in-game antics and posting them to YouTube along with side-splitting scripting ranging all the way from ‘WTF!?!?!’ to ‘LOLers!!!11!1!1’. Integrating the upload process into the game itself is a very logical step and will give more people the chance to join the fun of using leet speak and dubious punctuation.

However, there is just a couple of very tiny potential stumbling blocks. First of all, not every game has an accomplished replay editor like Halo 3. That means sticking to static direct feed replays, whihc would severely hinder the appeal. Either that or the creators will need more development time spent sorting out something just as sophisticated. With game developments costs already soaring, that’s a hard sell.

Then there’s the fact that even with all the fancy camera angles in the world, you still need something, be it text, music or voice-over, to make it even remotely interesting. Do the devs now have to make cut-down video editors as well?

The integrated YouTube concept sounds brilliant and I’m certain a couple of games will make superb use of the system, but I don’t see every developer jumping at the opportunity. Not by a long shot.

It will be interesting to see if Sony decides to use PS3 firmware to deliver its own YouTube uploader and video editor though. That would certainly be an interesting new direction for the console.

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  • For a second there I thought you were suggesting that Youtube hosted content would be available through the games. Similar to these god awful ad services on in-game billboards.

    Vid-ads. I shudder at the thought.

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