Nintendo DS games go budget with five, cheap brain tease titles from Lexicon


ds 200 pix.jpgNintendo going cheapo, well whatever next? The new Super Brain Tease titles from 25-time DS publisher Lexicon Entertainment will comprise of five different specialist editions of Football, Geography, Music, Movies and History and be available for an eye-poppingly reasonable £9.99. The question is, with the DS still ahead of the PSP in total worldwide sales, why?

Of course, it could be about staying ahead of the game. Sure the DS is ahead today but one cannot get complacent. They could fear that sales will drop off and that these cheap titles may attract more consumers to a saturated market.

More exciting for gamers – apart from a price war – is the possibility that the release of budget games is coming ahead of the rumoured announcement of the next generation DS in July.

It seems unlikely that the new DS will be capable of playing games that the old versions cannot but lower prices could be used as a carrot to either take PSP users away from Sony or again convince more people that portable, internet-enabled, gaming devices are the way forward.

If MP3 playback and other features are involved, it won’t just be Sony’s market that Nintendo will encroach upon.

Lexicon Entertainment (via pocket gamer)

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