The Pirate Bay enters internet top 100

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the-pirate-bay-top-of-the-bittorrent-pops.jpgAnd so, the rise of the crazy ABOVE THE LAW Swedish Bittorrent site continues.

According to shaky-but-all-we-have internet traffic monitor Alexa, The Pirate Bay has just eased itself into the global top 100 at a cool 97th. No doubt the launch of GTA IV helped it shift up a place or two.

With a total monthly unique user count of something around 25 million – up from 3 million in 2006 – The Pirate Bay is clearly doing very well for itself. It also means it’s attracting a lot more attention. Attention that didn’t work out very well for the recently closed and sued into oblivion TorrentSpy.

While TPB is the most notorious torrent site, it’s not the biggest – the slightly more user-friendly stuff-stealing portal is the world’s largest Bittorrent site, currently sitting at #52 in Alexa’s global web traffic rankings.

We like stealing stuff off the internet, is Tech Digest’s Obvious Conclusion of the Day.

(Via TorrentFreak)

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