The Digest: Social media told to simplify terms… and 4 other things people are talking about today

[nextpage title="Next"] MPs say they need 'serious discussion' with social networks over users' data  | The Guardian "Social networks should simplify their terms and conditions, to ensure that their users fully understand how their personal data will be collected and used, MPs have concluded. A report by the Commons science and technology committee calls for…

Moderately important men say Radiohead's "Pay what you want" gimmick for In Rainbows was successful.

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A shocking new report out today has sent shock waves through the music industry after the revelation that giving away stuff for free is actually really popular.

Will Page, an economist for the MCPS-PRS alliance (perhaps the world’s longest acronym) and Eric Garland (boss of Big Champaign – a company who apparently do “online media measurement”) have taken a look at Radiohead’s In Rainbows album that they released last year with the gimmick of “pay what you want to pay”, and have come to the conclusion that it was actually a pretty good idea…

The Pirate Bay enters internet top 100


And so, the rise of the crazy ABOVE THE LAW Swedish Bittorrent site continues.

According to shaky-but-all-we-have internet traffic monitor Alexa, The Pirate Bay has just eased itself into the global top 100 at a cool 97th. No doubt the launch of GTA IV helped it shift up a place or two.

With a total monthly unique user count of something around 25 million – up from 3 million in 2006 – The Pirate Bay is clearly doing…