"Three strikes" policy for web pirates will start in 2013, say Ofcom

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ofcom_logo.jpgOfcom are to being a “three strikes” policy for those repeatedly commiting acts of piracy across the web from 2013, should their plans be met with approval they revealed today.

The initial plan was set in place over a year ago, with Ofcom proposing to send out notification letters to those thought to be file sharers, offering advice to protect the broadband networks of those who suspected a third party was hi-jacking their internet connections for nefarious means, but also to warn those who continually breached piracy laws against their actions.

ISPs will play a role too, being asked to track users who they suspect may be pirates, and having the means to match personal details against offending IP addresses.

However, an ongoing judicial review means that the 2013 start date could still be pushed back further.

Despite the potential set backs, Ofcom aim to have the system put in place in time for 2013, even if a lack governmental approvement means they have to hold back from launching the intiative. Likewise, ISPs are expected to have the technical systems in place to enforce the “three strikes” policy by early 2012.

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