Anti-Port gamers, be warned! Paper Mario possibly ported to Nintendo DS in July!


paper-mario-game(2).jpgThis is exciting! Someone over at NeoGAF has claimed that Paper Mario is going to be either ported or remade for the DS in July.

It’s not entirely unbelievable either, with the N64 original selling superbly well on the Wii since it got added to the Virtual Console shelves (since release, it’s been in the US top 20 most popular downloads list), and even the remake, Super Paper Mario, for the Wii proving popular, especially in Japan.

The platform RPG-style game might just be what is needed to elevate the DS’s sales, with the PSP recently overtaking in weekly sales, a fact of which I’m sure Nintendo is aware of. I’d personally be happy with a port, but positively thrilled with a remake.

(via Pocket-Gamer and NeoGAF. For more Nintendo-related news, check out our Shiny blog WiiWii here)

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Katherine Hannaford
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