The Zeppelin is back! B&W delivers the Zeppelin Mini

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bandw zeppelein minigreen.jpgVery big British hi-fi news this morning with the announcement from Bowers & Wilkins that it is top deliver a min version of its very popular Zeppelin iPod based audio systems.

Released a couple of years back the Zeppelin with its very iconic design and fantastic sound, set the gold standard for iPod systems scoring lots of rave reviews and wining several awards.

Now B&W has added the Zeppelin Mini, which according to the maker, takes a Zeppelin-esque innovative design and top notch sound quality, but condenses them into a smaller package. According to a blog post the mini is ‘ideal for lounges just like its larger sibling, but it can easily be slotted into a bedroom, kitchen, or student digs.’

The key differences between the new model and its larger forbear are an updated docking arm, the addition of USB connectivity which apparently allows the Zeppelin Mini to bypass the analogue output stage of any iPod, and access its purer digital output. It also adds the ability to stream music direct from your PC or Mac.

The docking arm also rotates 90 degrees which the maker claims gives the users easier access to your music through the Cover Flow menu system.

US price is $399, so we imagine the UK selling price will be between £300-350.

UPDATE it is £299 and will go on sale in mid-October

There’s a video intro here.

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