B&W to introduce new P7 Wireless headphones in September

British loudspeaker company Bowers & Wilkins has announced the P7 Wireless headphones. Available from this September for £319.99, the P7 Wireless builds on the dual success of the original P7 and the award-winning P5 Wireless.  Thanks to the acoustic advances made with the original P7 drive units, sound performance is, claims the manufacturer, even better than…

Bowers & Wilkins P3 headphones now available in blue

Bowers & Wilkins nifty P3 headphones get a fresh lick of paint, available now in a blue shade alongside the existing black and white sets. Lauded for their foldaway design and sonic excellence, the blue P3s change little of what…

Bowers & Wilkins reveal premium C5 in-ear headphones

High end audio specialists Bowers & Wilkins today reveal their first pair of in-ear earphones, the C5 noise isolating buds. And as you'd expect from the premium brand, they come with a premium price tag too. Designed specifically for Apple…

10 great iPhone / iPod dock and speaker systems

It's party time and you've got an iPod full of tunes but no way of blaring them out to your gang of expectant, drunk friends. The keg's running dry, all the Pringles have been eaten and a riot's about to…

Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones – Review

Name: P5 (Bowers and Wilkins) Type: Noise isolating headphones Specs: Frequency range 10Hz to 20kHz , Impedence 26 ohms, distortion @100dB I25<0.05% for 80-20kHz <0.2% for 20-20kHz Price: £245.95 (Apple) Bowers and Wilkins are well known for causing quite…

John Lewis announces exclusive on Zeppelin Mini

We’ve written about the beautiful new Zeppelin Mini before

But now we’re pleased to announce it is finally available exclusively through John Lewis, in time for Chrimbo of course.

The perfect partner for your iPod and a stylish addition for any home, B&W claims the Mini offers the same fantastic sound quality as the original Zeppelin iPod Speaker but in a more compact design. Designed for the bedroom, kitchen or study, the compact Zeppelin Mini features an updated docking arm for optimum sound quality and allows users to move the click wheel of the iPod just as they would in their own hand. The docking arm also rotates to 90 degrees for flicking through your album artwork and watching music videos.


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The Zeppelin is back! B&W delivers the Zeppelin Mini

The key differences between the new model and its larger forbear are an updated docking arm, the addition of USB connectivity which apparently allows the Zeppelin Mini to bypass the analogue output stage of any iPod, and access its purer digital output. It also adds the ability to stream music direct from your PC or Mac.