LG to unveil 13 Windows Mobile phones

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LG GM750.gifWhat with all this talk of Android and iPhone handsets you might have thought that that things weren’t happening with Microsoft’s Windows Mobile smartphone platform. Not so. Microsoft recently announced the latest version of the format – we are now up to 6.5 – and last week also saw the unveiling of a new Sony Ericsson WinMo mobile. But the biggest shot in the arm for the format in quite a while has come this morning from the unlikely source of Korean maker LG.

In spite of announcing an Android powered phone it has confirmed that it is still very keen on Windows Mobile and will release no fewer than 13 new Microsoft powered smart phones over the next 16 months. The first three will be unveiled in the next few weeks.
Dr. Skott Ahn, President and CEO of LG Electronics Mobile Communications Company said in a release, “Our objective is to provide a wide selection of smartphones to satisfy the diverse preferences of today’s consumers.”

LG and Vodafone recently unveiled the GM750 WinMo smartphone which goes on sale on October 6th.

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