The week Android took the mobile world by storm

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Motorola DextTaken a look at the US technology stocks this week? Well it has been a pretty depressing week for Palm, a not great one for Apple and an ok one for Motorola. But the company that has had a storming last few days is Google which has seen its shares shoot upwards.

Of course there are many reasons why the market has been impressed with Google this week but chief among them is the way that the Android phone operating system is shaping up to be a real player in the mobile world.

Here’s a list of the Android related news stories

British maker INQ has become the latest manufacturer to announce it will manufacture an Android phone. Due next year its model will be aimed at the mid-market and will include INQ’s trademark social networking-friendly interface.

Motorola’s make or break Android phone the Dext (or Cliq in the US) made its debut yesterday. Like the INQ phone it marries the Android OS to a social networking savvy interface which Moto has christened Motoblur.

What with Samsung’s debut Android phones expected in UK stores next week it seemed inevitable that its Korean rival LG wouldn’t be far behind with a Google phone. And here it is It was snapped at the IFA exhibition in Berlin and goes by the name of Etna.

HTC announced the imminent arrival of its latest Android model – the Tattoo. It is a mid range handset that features HTC’s innovative new data collecting interface Sense.

It wasn’t just phones. Spotify took the wraps off its app for the Android.

Meanwhile Sony Ericsson continues to be the source of Android related gossip with a growing amount of evidence that its next Xperia handset will feature the Google OS.

Finally a little farther back new UK maker Onyx announced that its debut Android phone would go on sale next year.

There’s a round of video reviews of Android phones here.

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