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htc hero.pngFor a few short months it did look like Google’s Android phone operating system was going to going to die a very quick and painful death. It had little support from manufacturers or networks and all eyes were very much on Google’s rivals from Cupertino.

Then the Android bandwagon started to gain a little momentum. Whereas the system had only be available on chunky rather horrible phones like the G1 it now started appearing on cool handsets like the HTC Hero. At the same time the number of innovative and useful apps for the system started to rocket and consumers began to take notice.

Most of all though manufacturers and networks began to see the operating system as a potential rival to Apple and one by one they came out of the closet and announced they were backing the Google OS on mobiles.

So where are we now? What follows is a quick video roundup of the Android phones that have gone on sale in the UK. We’ll take a look at who else is going Android later.

HTC Hero

By some distance the best Android phone so far

HTC Magic

The one without the keyboard

T-Mobile G1

The first Android phone

Comparison; HTC Magic Vs G1

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