T-Mobile G1 to hit the UK shelves on 30th October – 15 days and counting!

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Thumbnail image for t-mobile-g1-android-handset2.jpgSet your clocks to countdown, chalk those tallies onto the wall and start crossing off days on your calendar with a red marker pen because the G1 is a-comin’.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, chipsets and chipsettes; we have the dates, we have times and we have the tariffs too on the first phone to come with the Google Android platform, and the news is as follows:

The T-Mobile G1 handset will be available on 30th October free from £40 a month with a couple of different packages.

You can either go with a T-Mobile Combi 35, which’ll give you 800 minutes and unlimited texts, or the T-Mobile Flext 40 where you’ll get either 1,250 minutes or up to 2,500 texts or some kind of utterly incomprehensible mix of the two. Presumably you’ll have to fork out a certain amount for the handset if you opt for the Combi 35.

So far 25,000 Brits have registered their interests with T-Mobile. I, myself, am one.

The G1 will come in either black or white – think I might go for white – it comes with a pre-installed 2 GB MicroSD memory card (expandable up to 8GB) – think I’ll still try a 16GB – and it’ll give you 130 hours of standby battery and up to five hours talk time. It weighs 158g, measures 117.7mm x 55.7mm x 26.5 mm and will probably fit in my pocket quite nicely. Time to break the piggy.


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