T-Mobile G1 to hit the UK shelves on 30th October – 15 days and counting!

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Set your clocks to countdown, chalk those tallies onto the wall and start crossing off days on your calendar with a red marker pen because the G1 is a-comin’.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, chipsets and chipsettes; we have the dates, we have times and we have the tariffs too on the first phone to come with the Google Android platform, and the news is as follows…

GALLERY: T-Mobile G1 unboxing pictures – unleashing the Android

I’m often unmoved by internet unboxings, very often in fact. But images of a Google Android T-Mobile G1 is something a little different both because we’re all as curious as children at the top of the stairs spying on their parents’ dinner parties and because I think I’m going to get one now that my contract’s run out and I’m bored of looking at everyone else’s iPhones.

We followed the G1 at launch and on video but nothing quite says hello like a good old fashioned gallery. Click on the image below to start the tour.