First Google Android phone to cost $199 in US

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google-android-t-mobile-september23.jpgIt’s a matter of drip feed when it comes to Google Android and today’s thirst staving droplet is the news that, come Tuesday when the first the HTC Dream G-Phone comes out, it’ll cost $199 in New York and presumably the rest of the States as well.

The news comes from a piece in the Wall Street Journal who seem to be the kings of timely gadget leaks, but of course that’s only a rough indication of how much the new OS driven handset will retail for over here. The network providers are from the same T-Mobile stables both sides of the Pond but that won’t necessarily mean we’ll be benefiting from a exchange rate favouring £100 Android phone.

That is the end of today’s trickle. Expect the full deluge on Tuesday.

(via WSJ)

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