People who know people say T-Mobile's revealing its Android phone plans on September 23

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google-android-t-mobile-september23.jpgThe sort of “insiders” who can’t be named or they’ll get sacked reckon that Google and T-Mobile are very, very near to announcing official facts regarding the retail arrival of a Google Android mobile.

The two companies are planning a revelation for this month, with the same undercover sources hinting that a September 23 launch date announcement is definitely possible. September 23 is, at the time of writing, 12.5 days away.

The first phone to pack Android, as you well know, will be the HTC Dream, which was pictured running Google’s mobile OS recently. And despite the fact that HTC handsets are rarely that exciting and Google’s Chrome wasn’t exactly a revelation either, the world WILL be excited. At least, it’ll be excited for a few hours, before going back to only being interested in what Steve Jobs has to say.

(Via Reuters)

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