Philips announces good looking mp3 player, the GoGear Luxe

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Good golly! Philips has only gone and got all stylish on us with their range of GoGear mp3 players. This, ladies and gents, is the GoGear Luxe and I quite fancy it. I’d ask it out on a date. Hell, I’d take it home to meet my parents. So, it’s a little disturbing to find out that this clip-and-click audio player-come-bluetooth headset is actually aimed at women.

But who cares, I’m a metrosexual kind of guy. Well, I’m sexual anyway; when I have the energy; and someone’s kind enough to offer.

Male or female, the Luxe is a very attractive package featuring 100 hours of slightly pointless standby, a real – and much more measurable -10 hours of play time and Philips’s dubious Full-Sound technology to upscale your scratchy old audio files into something you might prefer listening to. Touch my Janis Joplins and I’ll kill you though, Philips.

That reads rather like it should be rhyming slang, just don’t ask me what Joplin rhymes with.

The deal is that you clip the GoGear Luxe onto your…um…hair? It does look a little like a hair clip but no, I think you clip it onto your clothing and, should anyone call while you’re listening to your tracks, it’ll even display the caller ID on the screen before you decide if you want to ditch it or not.

The 2GB model goes on sale in Singapore in November for 139 Singapore dollars or £53.848598 in real money according to the exchange rate at 16:28 on 15th October 2008. Could be a lot less by the end of the week.

Hard to tell if Philips will bring it out over here but they’re a generous bunch and I’ve no reason to believe they’ll deprive their European audience. As ever, I’ll keep you posted.

(via Hardware Zone)

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  • It is meant to double up as a fashion accessory so that women can clip them on like a brooch.
    I’d love to see it clipped onto someone’s hair though.

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