Incoming new Android phone from UK maker Onyx

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android.jpgBritish mobile phone manufacturer Onyx today announced a trio of new handsets – and you can find the details here. Intriguingly though the company also confirmed that it has a Google Android powered handset in the pipeline.

Details are pretty sketchy, but the handset will be on sale later this year, sport a five mega pixel camera and will include sockets for two SIM cards. The theory being users can have a business and a personal number on the same phone.

There’s a little more on the company website here.

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  • Where can one see that the Android phone will be on sale this year? I read their PR material but I can’t see any date for the Android handset.

  • Sounds Cool,
    i have Been Using android from some days and Its Quite good and good in perfomance too,
    For the five MegaPix cam i may switch to It

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