Half of UK tenants aren't prepared for the digital switchover, survey suggests


digital.jpgAccording to research from Digital UK and Ofcom, nearly half of UK tenants, both private and council, aren’t prepared for the digital switchover, and are unsure what they need to do in order to continue watching TV.

Half of those living in flats are dependent upon communal aerial systems and Digital UK is calling for action from both landlords and tenants to ensure everyone can access digital TV when it’s the only option.

The statistics reveal that just 43% of private tenants, and 54% of council tenants, understand how to prepare for the switchover, compared to the national average of 64%.

75% of tenants already have digital TV on their main set but less than one-third of secondary sets in rented property have been converted.

General awareness of switchover among private tenants, at 73%, lags behind the national average of 82%.

It may not be as easy as simply buying a Freeview box, as older aerials will need to be converted, and tenants probably won’t have the right to organise an upgrade.

“We have already been focusing communications on the social housing sector but are now stepping up a gear in response to low awareness, particularly among those renting in the private sector,” said Ford Ennals, CEO of Digital UK.

Andy Merrett
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  • I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Freeview digi bozes run on full power when in standby. They don’t.

    You might not like TV but I see you don’t have a problem with the Internet, therefore you’re using a computer and monitor that uses power.

    Though the disposal waste is a problem, a new LCD TV with built-in digital tuner would use far less electricity than a traditional CRT, and even plasmas are being developed that use less energy.

  • And how about all the extra power wasted, and co2 emitted by these stupid boxes that run on full power even in standby. It’s a disgrace! With any luck all those people left without TV after the switchover will discover how much better life actually is without it and not bother to get TV again.

  • I take your point, but done right, it’s perfectly easy to convert an analogue set. Most digi boxes have analogue aerial outputs, so even if the set doesn’t have Scart, it shouldn’t be a problem. So long as the TV can be tuned to the Freeview box there’s no problem.

  • I can see a huge mountain of elecronic waste looming as people dispose of those old sets they stuck in the kids bedrooms and kitchen as the effort in buying set top boxes and an efficient aerial and distribution system proves too much and too costly.

    Our new “Green” government in one fell swoop has caused an enormous amount of waste – perfectly useable analogue sets will be disposed of in hedgerows etc.


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