Pacemaker Pocket DJ MP3 player – mixing on the go

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I’m not entirely sold on the idea of mixing without vinyl, but if you can fit the kit into your pocket – as you can with the Pacemaker Pocket DJ MP3 player – then suddenly it becomes a great way of killing time.

It’s a media player with a whopping 120GB capacity and support for a wide range of audio file compatibility and a music playback time of around 18 hours. But that’s only half the story for this miniature player.

It’s also got some of the features you would normally associate with professional DJing kit, including a crossfader, bend, pitch, loop and sound effects – basically, everything you need to create your own mix. And when you have played your set of tunes, you can save the mix as a separate file for later playback or possibly for podcasting (legality permitting).

No news on a price, but there’s an autumn release date already slated.

Pacemaker website

Via Shiny Shiny

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