Samsung launch YP-U3 flash MP3 player

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samsung_yp_u3_mp3_player.jpgSamsung has announced its YP-U3 flash-based MP3 music player – a successor to its U2 player that we looked at last year. We’ve known about it for a month or so now, but it’s hitting shelves around about now.

Adding itself to the mini-player market made popular by the iPod Shuffe, it measures just 25.4mm high and weighs 22.8g. It comes in five colours: black, white, pink, green and blue and with blue LED lights, and features touch sensitive controls, a matching colour earphone reel and buds, and an inbuilt retractable USB plug.

Its four LED display shows information about the track that’s playing, and it can hold up to 4GB of music or 33 hours’ worth of voice recording. It can play back for 15 hours on a single charge.

It features DNSe 3D sound, RDS radio, and is compatible with the Samsung Media Studio. The U3 is able to select songs that fit with a certain mood, instantly creating appropriate playlists – or at least, that’s the theory.

According to Samsung, the U3 is the feature-packed little sibling to their K3 and T9 music players.

Having said it’s out, the Samsung web site is a little quiet on the matter, so take your pick on the price.

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  • I reckon that it was a mistake for the manufacturer to include the inbuilt retractable USB plug. It is a nice feature, but removing such a feature would have made the device even lighter with less mass.

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