Sony planning to revise PSP again in 2009 – with proper "PSP2" to follow later


Today we have yet more leaks from Sony’s gaming division to help inform your purchasing decisions – this time regarding the long awaited and much-needed proper sequel to the little portable PlayStation.

Sony’s tweaked its PSP numerous times before, adding the Slim & Lite model to the range last year, then tinkering with the screen a bit in this year’s 3000 model update.

Now, Eurogamer is telling the world that a further revised PSP – the model 4000 – will hit in late 2009, followed by a proper, all-new PSP2 at some random…

Google search bar coming to PSP in 4.00 firmware upgrade


While Sony might be messing things up a little elsewhere in its gaming portfolio, it’s charming PSP goes from strength to strength with each software update – and the changes coming in version 4.00 are every bit as innovative as we’ve come to expect from the portable media-playing power machine.

Well, fairly innovative – there’ll be a little Google search bar on the front end of the machine’s XMB dashboard menu screen thing when you update to firmware v4.00, allowing wi-fi-connected PSPs…

3K's 7-inch sub-notebook RazorBook 400 goes on sale for $299


First unveiled a month ago, the 3K sub-notebook has just gone on sale in the US for $299, according to AVING.

Rivaling the Eee PC, MSI Wind, Mini Dell and countless others, it has a 7-inch screen, and weighs just 900g. It runs on an Ingenic 400MHz processor with Linux (just like your friendly Eee), and has a 4GB solid state drive, 512MB of RAM and a full-size keyboard.

At $299, it’s the same price as the original Eee is in the US, with with double the RAM and storage capacity…