PS3 4.00 firmware update sets stage for PS Vita arrival

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ps3-with-vita.jpgSony are laying the foundations for the PlayStation 3 / PS Vita cross platform support that looks set to be a key feature of their new handheld by today announcing the release of version 4.00 of the PS3 console’s firmware.

The update will allow the PS3 and PS Vita to share game data and information, letting music, photos videos and entire games be shared across the two devices.

It’s an important feature; a large amount of PS Vita data will be taken up by games downloads, with physical games sales expected to play second-fiddle to downloads on Sony’s new console. However, using an expensive new proprietary memory card system, storage space on the handheld will come at a premium, so having the ability to offload some of the data onto the large home console hard drive will be very useful.

As well as the new Vita features, the PS3 update also includes a number of game patches, the ability to sync trophy information and a new batch of PSN privacy settings. If you’re a PlayStation Plus member, you’ll have the choice of which automatic update features you want enabled or disabled.

The over-the-air update is hitting consoles as we post this.


Gerald Lynch
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