Adele using Stephen Hawking-style smartphone speaking app following throat surgery

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adele.jpgAdele, one of 2011’s most successful pop stars, recently underwent throat surgery to strengthen her overworked vocal chords. It’s left the “Chasing Pavements” singer with a very sensitive, painful throat which, if overused, could threaten to ruin her singing voice.

So how’s she been getting on with day to day life being unable to speak? Enter a smartphone to save the day!

It appears that Adele has been using a text-to-speech app, working on similar principles to that which wheelchair-bound theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking uses to speak, in order to rest her voice.

A source told the Sun: “She’s been using the speaking app to buy coffee at Starbucks and to order cabs. It is far easier to communicate using it rather than writing everything down on paper and showing people.”

Starbucks coffee and taxi cabs. Oh, the life of the rich and famous.

While the specific text-to-speech app Adele has been using hasn’t been revealed, we’d hazard a guess at it being the iPhone’s Speak it! Text to Speech app, priced at £1.49 on Apple’s App Store.

Via: The Sun

Gerald Lynch
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