Next Dead Space game a first person shooter? A FLIGHT SIM???

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Dead-space.jpgIn space, no-one can hear you scream. Which is a pity, because plenty of Dead Space fans will likely be screaming in frustration at what EA have got planned for their premier space-bound survival horror game series .

While we wait patiently for an official announcement regarding Dead Space 3 (with rumours that it’s been cancelled; the games are critically acclaimed, but not the massive sellers EA hope for), rumours are now spreading that the series may be branching into some unexpected avenues.

For starters, we may be getting a Dead Space first-person shooter according to Kotaku. Because, of course, in a market flooded with Modern Warfare clones, what we really need is another down-the-barrel-of-a-gun shooter, right?

Still, it sounds better than EA’s other plans for Dead Space. An Uncharted-style action adventure? Uncharted is characterised by laughs and Hollywood japes, for the most part happy, smiley fun stuff. That doesn’t sound terrifying, which means it really isn’t Dead Space then.

Or, god-forbid, how about a Dead Space flight simulator? Sure, it’ll have some more space in it, but it’d be seriously lacking in the scares that define the series.

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time that EA has branched out with the series. Back in 2009, EA released the on-rails shooter Dead Space: Extraction for the Wii (it made its way to the PS3 as a Move shooter earlier this year). Though a step away from the creepy 3rd person horror of the main titles in the series it was, credit where its due, rather good.

But a flight sim? Seriously!? The only thing scary about space battles is that godawful Freddie Prinze Jr Wing Commander flick.

Via: Kotaku

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  • I think it may be interesting if Dead Space is a flight sim. Sure it may sound a bit weird, but the gameplay could be great and fun.

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