The 3K Longitude 400 notebook – cheap and cheerful, but dull

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3k-longitude-notebook.jpgEr, hang on. Didn’t I just? Oh, I see it’s 3K’s notebook, the Longitude 400. That’ll explain this whacking great sense of deja vu, that I imagine you all suffer from as well, the minute I see a little computer with a 7″ screen.

3K are going for the budget end of the notebook market and are hoping the US$399 Linux-based device will appeal to students and such with its “energy saving”, or “titchy” as I call it, 400MHz processor.

If that doesn’t tempt you, it does feature a whole three USB slots and one Ethernet 10/100 LAN port. No, still not in the mood? Ok, last effort. It weighs 900g. No, I don’t fancy it much either.

(via Business Wire)

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