Shiny Video Review: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for the Nintendo Wii

Simon’s taken out a good few hours of his life to bring you a video review on Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 for the Nintendo Wii. He did it for you. He probably would’ve preferred doing the dishes or cleaning the mud off his bike, but no, he’s an unselfish type of chap who thinks nothing of sitting down for an eight-hour session playing the Wii, just for you. You should thank him, really…

MWC 2008: Taptu wins all-important award at MWC, continues to aid in mobile search

We’ve been getting excited about Taptu for months now, so it’s fantastic to see they won the Global Community Award at the MoMo Peer Awards last night at the Mobile World Congress, rewarding our confidence in this small English start-up to no end.

No doubt you’ve forgotten exactly what they’re made of, and how exactly they can revolutionise the way you use your mobile phone. Taptu is a search engine for your mobile, allowing you to gain content categorised into the various forms it exists – video, image, song, wiki, etc, then after you’ve discovered the perfect page deconstructing Morrissey’s lyrics, you…

MWC 2008: Toshiba's Portégé G810 smartphone announced

Spanning laptops and mobile phones, Toshiba is adding to their Portégé range with the G810 touchscreen handset. Yes, you’ve heard the model number ‘G810’ before – Samsung announced a handset by the same name today at MWC, and LG released the KG810 clamshell back in October of last year.

Running on Windows Mobile 6, it’s got HSDPA and HSUPA support, integral for the push email and web-browsing WM6 is renowned…

MWC 2008: LG rocks on with their KF700, KF600 and KF510 handsets

LG is cranking out the touch-screens like there’s no tomorrow, with the KF700 having not one, not two, but three touch-sensitive displays.

Being touted by LG as a multimedia handset, the three touch-related input methods – the 3.0″ touch-sensitive screen, an alpha-numeric keypad and shortcut dial. HSDPA connectivity, video playback and a 3-megapixel camera are all added bonuses.

It’ll be available mid-March for the whole of Europe, with the rest of the world to follow.

Take a look under the jump for the KF510 and KF600, also from LG….