Motorola W180 for £2.88 at the Carphone Warehouse – just reach down the back of the sofa

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motorola-w180.jpgThose without a mobile phone no longer have any excuse. You can now get one for less than a London pint. Yes, for a £2.88 – which I believe was the price of McDonald’s meals when they first came out when I were a lad – you can get yourself a Motorola W180 from the Carphone Warehouse. What a joke.

The really funny part is that the handset isn’t actually that bad at all. Sure, it’s only dual-band, you can’t play mp3s or take pictures, or receive them for that matter but it’s got an FM radio, a colour screen and polyphonic ringtones? Huh? Huh? Tempted?

Well, before you make your mind up, the small print is that you have to buy £10-worth of credit with it, bringing the total up to a whopping £12.88 but still less than a Family Bucket from KFC. I’m getting hungry.

The move comes after Samsung brought out a handset for a fiver and 3 got proper cheap too, but you can read about those if you click on the links below.

Product Page (via Cnet)

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