Nokia patent takes E71 and adds swivel screen

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Patents are fun. Sometimes they turn into something real, and other times they’re probably just the musings of an over-imaginative designer.

One of Nokia’s recent patents probably falls into the latter camp. It looks a bit like someone’s taken the Nokia E71 and added a wide touchscreen as large as the handset itself which can swivel into position when ready to use.

Personally, if I want a mobile phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard on it, I’d rather just slide it out and use it that way. However, these sketches seem to suggest that the screen could be set in either portrait or landscape mode, which may make it a bit more versatile than keyboard slider phones.

Fancy a phone that looks like this? There’s no guarantee Nokia would ever make something resembling this handset, but it’s always good to have a patent covering it just in case.

(Via Cell Passion)

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One thought on “Nokia patent takes E71 and adds swivel screen

  • The screen in fig 21 is smaller than the screen in the other diagrams – some sort of stretcy screen tech?

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