Carphone Warehouse giving away free mobile phones on PAYG

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free-phone.jpgYesterday they cost less than a pint of beer, today they cost nothing at all. Yes, the Carphone Warehouse is giving away PAYG mobile phones for free.

Now, when I say “free” there is a degree of small print attached. It’s not “free” like internet is “unlimited”, it’s just that you have to buy £30’s worth of credit before you receive your Nokia 1650 (blue) “free”.

Naturally, the handset isn’t what you’d call cutting edge but it’s not hideous, it has a colour screen, an FM radio and that’s about it. There’s a pitiful amount of onboard memory especially compared the wildly expensive Motorola W180 from yesterday but then there’s no camera and no music player so it’s unlikely your contacts book and high scores on Snake are really going to need much more.

The deal is, again, with Orange and doubtless it’s only a matter of time until the Carphone Warehouse starts actually paying people money to take their phones. Mark my words.

Free Phone (via ITPP)

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