LimbGear Noggin Net skullcap and earbuds – not religious or ethnic in any way

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When I first read that LimbGear was releasing an mp3-enabled skullcap, I pictured a niche market of rockin’ rabbis. Sorry to disappoint but that is not the case.

Apparently “skullcap” is an Americanism for a beanie type hat and the one of note today is the Noggin Net. But that just made me think of Latino gangsters. Again, this was a mistake. With the benefit of the image above, we can see that it’s a normal hat with a little pocket clearly market for mp3 player storage.

“But why not just put your music maker in your pocket,” you ask and rightly so. At the worst it turns you into a mugging target. At the best, it might make you think twice about headbutting someone. Well, what you can’t see under that coasy yet breathable fleece is that the Noggin Net also comes fitted with LimbGear earbuds too.

Of course, I can’t guarantee you the quality of the hardware until it’s shown off at CES but if you’re willing to take an uncertain $29.95 plunge then you can pick one up now. Let me know how it works out. I won’t be holding my breath.


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