Hood.e – chav wear with built-in sound


hood_e.jpgAt last a solution to third-rate rap music being blasted out on public transport – the Hood.e.

Yes, this is your everyday hoodie, but with built-in speakers (in the hood), so you can keep it (more) to yourself and still being able to hide your face from public gaze.

But there’s a problem – Tim Dubitsky’s Hood.e is still a concept, designed as a safer way for his nephew to walk to school and listen to music at the same time. But I’m sure there will be no shortage of corporate takers for something that does make a lot of sense.

Hood.e (via Gizmodo)

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Dave Walker
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One thought on “Hood.e – chav wear with built-in sound

  • I’m sure it’s going to be a big hit to the unfortunate people who have to share a bus with someone wearing this lovely piece of clothing…

    Couldn’t the nephew just turn the volume on his mp3 player lower?

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