Facebook now double the size of MySpace worldwide

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facebook-myspace-graph.jpg“The times, they are a-changin'”, as Bob Dylan once said. We’ve had plenty of ‘X overtakes Y’ news lately, and the latest is that Facebook is now double the size of MySpace worldwide. It represents a powerful victory for usability and good design over the infamous “MySpace page”, which became synonymous with the web’s – how shall I put this – more ‘homely’ side.

I just logged in to MySpace for the first time in about six months, and had to enter *three* different captchas before I could even log in. I guess that means they’re taking the spammer threat seriously, but my god, what a barrier to logging in…

Once finally logged in, things had changed a little, but it was still the same old MySpace. Still, the ‘unexpected error’s seem to have quietened down a little, and the site seems actually usable now. Happily, I didn’t seem to have a million friend requests from bad funk-metal bands, which is another change from the old days.

It doesn’t mean I’m going back to the ‘space, though. Especially given that I only(!) check into Facebook once a day or so these days, compared with 10-20 times each day a year or so ago. These days, Twitter keeps me up to date with what’s going on.

MySpace and Facebook (via TechCrunch)

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Duncan Geere
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