Dell Mini 10 hits the shelves courtesy of Tesco

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Sneaky old Dell has done it again, although this time it was really Tesco that let the cat out of the bag with the launch of the expected Dell Mini 10 netbook.

The mobile computer, which according to the trusty old Dell pencil sits somewhere between the Minis 9 and 12, was slapped up in a product page on the supermarket mammoth’s website with a price tag attached for £349 or the same in Clubcard points if you’re a regular.

Things that are included with the your purchase are: a webcam, bluetooth, a dull old 160GB HDD, 1GB of RAM, 3 USB ports, XP, a 1.33GHz Z520 Atom, a WSVGA screen and 1.3kg of ballast.

Things that aren’t included are: an optical drive, a finger print scanner and any sense of style. Actually, to be fair to Dell, their netbooks may be uninspiring on the inside but if you can pick up a red cover version they do look quite smart. The Dell Mini 10 is only available in black.


The product page rather helpfully reminds us that you need an adult to sign for the package or at least two children and a full length trenchcoat. The best news of all though is that, if the picture is anything to go by, the keyboard actually looks usable.

Dell Mini 10 (via PC Pro)

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  • Yep what.s good for the goose is good for the gander. Great idea.
    Notice that the Chinese know how to do a stimulus package, while no one in power seems to know how to do a stimulus package here in the US.
    Thanks for sharing. His music will continue to rock!

  • Dell Inspiron Mini 10 is great,i very love it,i am using it now,thanks for sharing,nice post.

  • Looks like Dell have told Tesco to remove it. No trace of it on the site and all links point to modified 404.

    Tesco’s world domination has been stopped in it’s tracks 🙂

  • The clubcard points is how many you’ll earn – not how many you can spend to get it btw.

    • Ah, thanks for that one, Matthew. It looked like a pretty good deal but then I thought you earn a pound a point anyway. Thinking about it though, I see how a system where you could exchange them back for the same value wouldn’t work.

      Apologies to anyone who got a bit excited by that false bargain. I’m not a collector of any kind of reward points. I’m sure I’ll regret it in the long run, but somehow it feels like a con.

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