Knockoff of iWork '09 contains Mac-unfriendly Trojan Horse


mac-iwork-09-virus.gifThere’s a new Trojan Horse for Mac in town and it’s riding around in pirate copies of iWork ’09.

OSX.Trojan.iServices.A secretes itself in otherwise fully-functioning copies of Apple’s latest office software. It installs itself in a startup directory and gives itself full root privileges (in other words, it’s God to your Mac).

Security firm Intego is warning anyone who has downloaded installer software from filesharing/Torrent sites that they could now be infected. Intego’s latest updates for VirusBarrier X4 and X5 will now protect against and disinfect the virus.

Despite misconceptions still surrounding the potential severity of viruses on the Mac platform, this Trojan is serious as it could allow remote access to an infected machine.

This is just one of the risks of downloading software from unregulated sources. It’s your call, of course, but I’d suggest that if you value the health of your Mac and can’t stump up the £69 to buy a legit copy of iWork ’09 that you go and grab OpenOffice instead. Not quite as smooth, but a lot safer.

Intego security alert

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