Pirate Bay to be given a lifeline through Swedish law loophole?

Pirate Bay, one of the world's largest and most controversial torrent/file-sharing websites could soon be given an unlikely lifeline through a loophole in Swedish law. The Pirate Party, a political group advocating file-sharing in Pirate Bay's native Sweden, are planning…

600,000 pirate gamers banned from Xbox Live

The modifications allow gamers to circumvent the console's Digital Rights Management technologies and run pirated discs, and can feature game-hacks to give pirate gamers an unfair advantage whilst gaming online.

Knockoff of iWork '09 contains Mac-unfriendly Trojan Horse


There’s a new Trojan Horse for Mac in town and it’s riding around in pirate copies of iWork ’09.

OSX.Trojan.iServices.A secretes itself in otherwise fully-functioning copies of Apple’s latest office software. It installs itself in a startup directory and gives itself full root privileges (in other words, it’s God to your Mac).

Security firm Intego is warning anyone who has downloaded installer software from filesharing/Torrent sites that they could now be infected. Intego’s latest updates for VirusBarrier X4 and X5 will now protect against and disinfect the virus…

The latest wheeze to punish P2P downloaders: bill them!

pirate-dog.jpgUS firm Nexicon says it’s signed up “a motion picture studio” for its GETAMNESTY program, which aims to charge P2P downloaders for the files (films, in this case) that they’ve illegally downloaded.

Nexicon hasn’t named the studio, so it’s unclear whether it’s one of the big guys or not. I’m a bit unclear on how GETAMNESTY works, other than the original press release’s promise that it “enables copyright owners to identify violators with precision, document specific copyright infringements perpetrated by the same infringer, and obtain compensation efficiently and cost effectively”.

US recording industry asks students not to pirate music

In what sounds like a rather futile exercise, the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sent 400 letters out to 13 US universities advising of potential copyright infringement lawsuits against students who are using computer networks to illegally download music….