The latest wheeze to punish P2P downloaders: bill them!


pirate-dog.jpgUS firm Nexicon says it’s signed up “a motion picture studio” for its GETAMNESTY program, which aims to charge P2P downloaders for the files (films, in this case) that they’ve illegally downloaded.

Nexicon hasn’t named the studio, so it’s unclear whether it’s one of the big guys or not. I’m a bit unclear on how GETAMNESTY works, other than the original press release’s promise that it “enables copyright owners to identify violators with precision, document specific copyright infringements perpetrated by the same infringer, and obtain compensation efficiently and cost effectively”.

Perhaps the most pressing question is how much Nexicon proposes to charge illegal downloaders. Say you’ve downloaded The Simpsons Movie, which is still only out in cinemas. Do they charge you the price of a DVD? A cinema ticket? What if you’ve downloaded an older film whose DVD can be picked up for a few quid in bargain bins? Questions, questions.


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Stuart Dredge
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