How to stop movie pirates? Military night-vision goggles, of course


nightvision-goggles.jpgLet’s be honest: the Fight Against Movie Piracy isn’t going to be won by a few officious cinema ushers shining torches down the aisles trying to spot anyone with a DV-camcorder in their lap. So what to do?

Malaysian cinemas have the answer: military-grade night-vision goggles. The local Motion Picture Association has been training ushers in their use reckons 17 pirates have been caught in the last two months, since the technology was introduced.

Could this use of military technology spread to UK cinemas? I look forward to the day when ushers in my local multiplex are packing this kind of technology, somersaulting down the aisles screaming ‘COVER ME!’ to colleagues while lobbing stun grenades at a bloke sitting in the back row.

It’ll certainly be more entertaining than 90% of blockbuster films, anyway.

(via Reuters)

Stuart Dredge
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