Get set for The Sims: The Movie


thesims.jpgI’m not suggesting that nine out of ten films based on games are rubbish but… well… they are. Utter tosh.

As a cinemagoer, you usually end up frustrated that you can’t whip out a joypad and control the main characters – if only to make the whole sorry affair end sooner.

Can The Sims buck the trend and inspire a decent movie? Or even a half-decent movie? Electronic Arts hopes so – the firm has just sold the movie rights to its popular people sim to 20th Century Fox.

No news on what form the film will take yet, or who might star. Y’know how Mel Gibson shot The Passion Of The Christ in the obscure Aramaic language? I’m thinking The Sims movie could be entirely in Simlish, with subtitles. And Lily Allen could sing the theme tune! A guaranteed blockbuster, I’m sure you’ll agree.

(via I4U News)

Stuart Dredge
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