Seiko's Cavity watch is the tooth, the whole tooth…


seiko-cavity-watch.jpgTelling the time using your teeth? That’s the sort of barmy talk you hear from retired sailors, surely. But maybe not: Seiko has unveiled its new Cavity watch, with a design based around a big metal tooth, with a cavity through which you read the time.

It comes in gold and silver versions, presumably the former is aimed at hardcore blingstas (did I just coin that term?). I can’t help thinking that this dentures / timepieces crossover is barking up the wrong tree though.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a fake tooth in your mouth that, when licked, beamed a speaking-clock style time announcement directly into your brain? Maybe Swatch is working on it…

Seiko Cavity watch (via Medgadget)

Stuart Dredge
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