German PS3 hacker gets raided by Police; Sony bringing the pain to pirates

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Sony are really upping their game when it comes to cracking down on the PS3 hackers that are facilitating the burgeoning PlayStation 3 piracy scene. So far in the US it’s only resulted in a slap on the wrist and a civilised law-suit. Get caught pirating in Germany though and expect a full on police raid to greet your actions, with a suited-and-booted Sony rep smiling on.

That’s exactly what happened to german hacker “graf_chokolo”, who had his computers and PS3 console seized by the authorities. We expect it all looked a bit like the video above.

So bad news for gra_chokolo, but also for Sony, who failed to reach the hacker in time to prevent him from uploading his hack to the internet, where all and sundry can now download his files that bring Linux back to the console.

Via: PSX-Scene

Gerald Lynch
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