Future Samsung displays to be powered by super-bright quantum dot tech

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quantum-dot.jpgIt’s a technology still in its infancy, and at least three years away from making it to a commercial product, but Samsung have revealed that their next generation of displays are to be powered by quantum dot technology.

Brighter and more energy efficient than either LCD of OLED, quantom dot tech is half the cost of AMOLED and have a longer life span too.

Quantum dot technology is made up of semiconducting nanoncrystals, illumintaed by a current or light. Controlled by an active matrix, each quantum dot-pixel switches on and off through a thin-film transistor.

Protoypes are in the works using both glass and flexible plastics, with Samsung planning to feature the technology in their TVs, mobile phones, tablets and media players over the coming years. LG have also displayed an interest, partnering with quantum-dot experts QD Vision.

So a little way in the future then, but it’s looking brighter, and cheaper too, with quantum-dot displays in the mix.

Via: Technology Review / Electric Pig

Gerald Lynch
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