Virus infects Royal Navy computers; sailors lose vital access to Facebook

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royal-navy-bsod.gifIt seems there’s been a nasty virus floating around some of the Navy’s finest warships — and no it’s not something one of the crew caught during their last shore leave, but in fact a computer virus that’s caused the loss of email and Internet access.

The affected computers are part of the Fujitsu-supplied NavyStar N* system and also handle storekeeping and various support functions.

Now, much as I recognise the importance of crew members being able to stay in touch with family and friends back home, it’s at least reassuring that it wasn’t the missile guidance systems that went down, or something else suitably dangerous.

An MoD bod told The Register that the problems have been going on since 6th January. No mention of whether someone forget to update the Norton and McAfee databases.

Also no word on when the sailors will be able to make their next Scrabble move back on Facebook.

(Via The Register)

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