The Lite Machines "Voyeur coaxial-rotor VTOL UAV" (US Navy spy-copter)

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One of modern life’s great pleasures is cruising YouTube for odd videos of experimental technology. A lunatic on a rocket bike. An inventor with a death-wish positioning his head a few inches from a spinning rotor. A man risking carbon monoxide poisoning and all kinds of exotic death by using jet engines he bought off the Russian eBay in his garage.

And today, this – a twin-propeller, hand-launched spy helicopter drone thing you carry around with you in a tube until it requires deployment in a spying situation. Then you set it free like a dove of peace.

Maker Lite Machines was commissioned to come up with this disposable, self-steering spying “solution” by the US Navy. The spec sheet tells us it can fly for half an hour, which probably means it can really only fly for about 11 minutes.

(Via Wired)

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