Sharp CD-SW340H & CD-MPX880H – mini hi-fis with maximum power

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Sharp has launched two new hi-fi systems designed to shatter glass and anger neighbours the world over. The Sharp CD-SW340H packs a Tyson-esque 520W punch which, like Iron Mike, will pretty much take your ears off.

It has a five CD changer, which I’m not sure how relevant it is in this day and age, and looks something akin to a UV under-lit badsmobile hatchback you might find booming along the road complete with blacked out windows and “spinners”. Presumably that’s the demographic Sharp is heading for.

The slightly more toned down version is the Sharp CD-MPX880H which will still poke out a healthy 280W. It comes with an FM/AM radio and MP3 player input as does its bigger brother.

Both are available as we speak and come in at the quite acceptable prices of £180 and £140.

Sharp (via Electric Pig)

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