Introducing the virus that farts at you, fool

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laptop-fart.jpgProgramming computer viruses must be a fairly mundane job at times, which is why I’m not surprised that some have decided to inject a bit of humour into their work.

According to customer calls to Panda Security, there are some new bits of infectious code becoming installed on PCs that either hurl insults — repeatedly calling the owner a fool — or else make squelching or farting noises.

One customer, who clearly has an extensive knowledge of what it sounds like when body parts are removed from foodstuffs, said that the noise was similar to “taking a foot out of jelly”.

“For some time now I have been unable to make my ActiveScan Pro work,” another complained. “I enter the user name and password, but the only answer I get is a ‘fart’ sound.”

A spokesman for Panda Security (which makes security software) said that users “remain too reliant on security software”. Right.

My advice, if your computer starts belching or farting at you, is just to belch and fart right back.

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  • I never thought the farting virus I wrote in 6th grade as a practical joke on my schools computers would make it this far! Ha ha ha!!!!! Ha

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