Humans and Klingons brought together via the medium of the Cherry Klingon Language Wired Keyboard

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klingon-language-keyboard.jpgTurns out we have a lot more in common with our Klingon friends than we first thought.

Klingons like a nice big Enter key on the right to make typing easier, just like us. They also enjoy a big Space bar, plus it looks like they have evolved a similar aesthetic of placing the ‘Esc’ key at the top-left and sticking a range of Function keys that go from about F1 to F12 along the top for easy access to features.

Klingons also like to use a separate numeric keypad for fast-entry of numerical data, ideal for the ‘Worker Klingons’ who do all the tedious admin work back on the homeworld.

It’s so similar to our human keyboards, in fact, we’re starting to suspect it’s just a rebadged Cherry eVolution Stream Wired Multimedia QWERTY keyboard with a few novelty klingon symbols whacked on the top and an extra £25 stuck on the price.

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